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Our Offices

New Zealand Headquarters

Ace Capture Equipment Ltd
127 Yarrow Street
Invercargill New Zealand

Phone (64) 3 214 4641
Fax (64) 3214 4640
Email: nelson.collie@acecapture.nz



Tony Searle Wildlife & Animal Capture
PO Box 180 31 Goobang Street
Condobolin NSW 2877

Phone (61) 268 953 336
Fax (61) 268 953 026
Email: tony@wildlifeanimalcapture.com

United States

Tyler Gehr Wildlife Capture Services LLC
PO Box 334 2558 Mesa Trail
Flagstaff AZ 86002

Phone (1) 928 527 7972
Email: info@wildlifecapture.com



Customizable & Versatile

The main focus of ACE Capture Equipment is that the process of capture be done in a humane and safe way, causing minimal damage to the target. ACE Capture Equipment tools are designed to make the capture of the target as stress free as possible.


Ace creates according to the clients needs. We are open to new idea and suggestions to create better products and are not afraid to build what has never been build before.


ACE Capture Equipment specialize in customizing tools for both the user and the target. Our tools are designed to capture a wide variety of species and can be triggered by the animal, the user or remotely by radio.

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